Wow, Another Guy Roars

Wow, Another Guy Roars After Hitting Someone Unconscious in UFC!


Bogdan Guskov: The Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-Him Fighter

In a light heavyweight bout at UFC Vegas 86 on Saturday, the unstoppable force that is Bogdan Guskov added another first-round finish to his résumé with a blistering combination that left Zac “The Dazed and Confused” Pauga down for the count.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you have some eye drops handy before watching Guskov’s fiery knockout win below. You won’t want to blink!

Pauga did his best to shake things up in the octagon, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Guskov in an attempt to throw him off balance. Unfortunately for Pauga, nothing seemed to work as he repeatedly found himself on the receiving end of Guskov’s power shots. One can only imagine what was going through Pauga’s mind as he found himself face-to-fist with the indomitable Guskov.

‘The official time of stoppage’ felt like an eternity for poor ol’ Zac as it finally came at 3:38 of Round 1 when he hit the canvas harder than a ton of bricks (or let’s just say he hit it really hard).

This victory marks Guskov’s first UFC win after an unsuccessful debut against Volkan Oezdemir sexSponsored Product.” Well then Mr.Gusgov, I think we all need your ‘secret sauce’.