"Sleeping in Style:

“Sleeping in Style: The Fashion Statement You Never Knew You Needed – CPAP Masks”

What Sort of CPAP Masks Are Best Suited for Your Unique Face?

We’ve Got CPAP Masks for Days

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) masks and headgear: They’re like a hat for your face, but with a side of sleep apnea treatment. They come in all styles and sizes. And trust us: this isn’t a one-size-fits-all cap. Your mug is as individual as you are! Be prepared to test a medley of masks to discover your perfect fit.

CPAP masks are like Cinderella’s glass slippers — except not as glamorous and possibly less comfortable. Add to that our plethora of different sleep personalities, as well as our wide-ranging facial contours, we’re looking at a lot of different shoe…ehem, mask fits.

Size matters here because the right fit equals improved comfort and better performance. We’re talking optimal comfort like your favorite, worn-in pair of jeans (not too tight, not too loose; just right!). Bear in mind, not all masks are created equally, even within the same size. A size five sneaker isn’t a comfortable fit in every brand, is it?

Let’s dive nose-first into the ocean of CPAP mask styles, their perks, and who can help you find your perfect fit. Quality time with your health care provider and your CPAP mask supplier is about to become real bonding moments.

Nasal Pillow Mask: For Those Who Want to Sneak in Reading at Bedtime

Nasal pillows snuggle right up to the nostrils, offering air pressure where you need it. These babies are perfect if:

  • You start feeling like a spelunker when other masks cover your face.
  • You enjoy an unobstructed view of your nightly crime show or book club selection.
  • You can’t bear to part with your spectacles, not even for a minute.
  • Your Epic Beard of Greatness doesn’t jive with ordinary masks.
Photo of CPAP masks with nasal pillows and side straps

Nasal Masks: For Those Who Toss and Turn

These masks are like nasal pillows’ big brother. They cover the nose and might be a good fit if:

  • Your doctor prescribed you high air pressure, similar to adorable air balloon rides, but in your nostrils.
  • You’re an active sleeper and your midnight gymnastics rival Simone Biles.
Photos of nasal CPAP masks

Full-face Mask (also known as oronasal masks): For Those with Allergies or Sleep Breath Issues

Full-face masks are like a superhero mask for your sleep time. They cover both your nose and mouth, and they might be your glass slipper if you:

  • Have a perpetually blocked schnozzle or congestion that makes breathing through your nose feel like a snorkeling adventure gone wrong.
  • Are a nocturnal mouth-breather. Despite your best efforts and even after trying nasal masks or pillows paired with a chin strap or heated humidity (we told you, it’s a whole catalog of optionsSponsored Product).
Photos of full-face CPAP masks that cover nose and mouth

Oral Mask aka a Hybrid Mask: For The Mouth Breathers Who Love Their Specs

Spoiler alert! This mask only supplies air pressure through the mouth. Opt for this if you :

  • Inhale and exhale through your chatterbox.
  • Like your glasses as much as you like, well, breathing.
Photo of hybrid CPAP mask that has nasal pillows and covers the mouth

And remember folks, the quest for the ideal CPAP mask may seem as long and labyrinthine as a Sunday afternoon IKEA visit, but we trust you’ll find the ‘Billy Bookcase’ of masks that’s just right for you!

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