"Marriott and Hilton Excited to Add More Overpriced Rooms for People

“Marriott and Hilton Excited to Add More Overpriced Rooms for People to Ignore While on Vacation (Yay!)”

Wow! Big news, folks. Two hotels opened and we’re all supposed to care. Marriott International’s St. Regis Hotels & Resorts brand opened The St. Regis Chicago in the Windy City and Hilton opened Canopy by Hilton San Francisco SoMa, their apparently “modern boutique brand,” in San Francisco.

Surely it is a sign of the end times – giant multinational hotel chains actually opening new hotels during a pandemic? Are they trying to kill us all off with luxury? But wait – isn’t Marriott still fighting against COVID-related cleanliness standards so they can cut corners?

No matter! George Fleck, Vice President and Global Brand Leader for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts congratulated himself on growing the footprint of his brand into the US Midwest upon opening The St. Regis Chicago:

“The debut of The St. Regis Chicago signals a significant milestone for the St. Regis brand as we grow our footprint in the United States and celebrate our first property in the American Midwest…”

We’re guessing that if Magellan Development Group spent anywhere near as much money hiring architects Studio Gang (led by Jeanne Gang) as Mr.Fleck did on language coaching lessons, then this 101-story tower must be taller than anything Covid has reaped on humanity thus far.

The Opening Game

Hilton also got itself involved this week by leaping onto San Francisco with Canopy By Hilton San Francisco SoMa, which boasts an “ideal” location in South of Market district. Not one to be left out, Jenna Hackett, brand leader for Canopy by Hilton said this:

“The opening of Canopy by Hilton San Francisco SoMa marks Hilton’s first lifestyle hotel in the city…this hotel invites travelers and locals alike to experience sophisticated comfort…”

We’re a bit dubious about what counts as a “lifestyle” hotel (particularly during a pandemic when no-one is really having much of an actual life). Would it mean that every bedroom comes with its own laptop charging station? That all mini-bars must contain kale smoothieSponsored Product mixers?

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