Bad beats, missed kicks, touchdowns highlight wild betting weekend

Some issues are aspect of your everyday sports betting rituals, like checking your parlay for the 10th time though you continually ask your self why you did not make it easy this weekend. From the trash speaking pal that chimed in also quickly and has now killed your mojo to the unbelievable group text congratulations memes, we’re right here for the very good and negative with each other. Let’s fill some buckets with tears of joy and sorrow.


Dear. Lord. What. A. Game. For the second time this season we get a “Game of the Century” ending in an Alabama game, and amazingly… it is also the second time this season that the Tide have lost that type of game. Alabama got the very first touchdown in overtime but just after matching that touchdown, LSU decided to go for the win alternatively of the opportunity to play extra bonus football.

The planet desires a simulcast broadcast exactly where the commentators on the two point conversion have opposite sides of the cash line bet, just to capture the drama we had been all feeling in the moment. 75 % of the cash bet at Caesar’s on this game was on the Tigers, so even extra of America was rooting against the Tide than usual. Finally, some of us know what it feels like to beat Alabama.

five buckets for the reason that adore or hate Alabama, you are crying tears proper now.

Misery loves enterprise? Heck, that is why this column even exists. So, let me just vent for all of us (myself incorporated) that placed confident cash on Tennessee to upset Georgia.

Oops? I imply, I’m the idiot that confidently bet not only Tennessee but also the more than (65.five). I totally really should have listened to my very good pal Elle Duncan prior to, so I dang certain have to listen to her speak her speak now.

three tears of really private tears recognizing I have to reload my account now. Bank Breaker.

I adore a very good comeback story. Until that very good comeback story final results in an epic negative beat that has the whole neighborhood shocked. Troy wore their Trojan horses costumes, hiding out for most of the game, till the final play of the 3rd quarter. Down 17- at that point and 17-7 to commence the 4th, issues went from strange to worse for the Ragin’ Cajuns. With the game tied, Troy place themselves in position for the game-winning chip-shot field objective, which had Louisiana bettors feeling spicy at +three.five. A loss does not matter as extended as they cover, proper? Someone forgot to inform Kimani Vidal that.

Vidal lunges in for the wonderful touchdown with 5 seconds left on the clock, and Troy bettors celebrate the win, the cover and the collective groan of gamblers everywhere.

three buckets of “I can not think I bet Troy @ Louisiana” tears.

What do most betters have in typical with the members of the College Football Playoff Committee? Everyone was incorrect about Clemson. The most heated commentary post initial CFP Rankings was centered on the committee’s choice to place Clemson at No. four. Apparently, not only was the committee incorrect, but so had been most of us.

70 % of you just let the planet know you have not watched a Clemson game this season and took a hit about as enormous as the hit the Tigers’ playoff possibilities took.

two buckets of really should have recognized superior tears.

College basketball season strategies off this weekend, and let’s be truthful, SMU beating Houston 77-63 on the court, not to mention on the field, would have been surprising.

Before kickoff, the total on this game was a whopping 66. The game hit 91 AT HALFTIME.

buckets — for the reason that any and all tears had been employed as hydration for the duration of finish zone celebrations.


Remember when these days began and we believed we knew what to count on from Saturday’s slate of games? Just try to remember that six teams began these days with odds shorter than 40-1 to win the national championship at Caesars Sportsbook. three of these teams (Alabama, Tennesee and Clemson) lost. The very good news is the NFL will be so a lot simpler to predict, proper? I want to go get us all extra buckets.

The Philly Not So Special

Wednesday morning I completely anticipated the whole city of Philadelphia to be hungover. Coming off an absolute thrashing by the Astros in the very first house Philly game in a World Series in more than a decade, the swagger was actual. Now, we all know that Philly fans are loyal to their core, so why bet on 1 of your house teams if you can make a bet on two? That’s precisely what 1 sportsbook decided to let the City of Brotherly Love do.

Yup. The 76ers did their aspect. Amazingly. The challenge is that in the World Series

five buckets of tears spilling more than and getting mopped up with cheesesteak bread from Gino’s.

The Philly Not So Special – the Sequel

I imply, I do not want to give away the ending right here, but this is not Empire Strikes Back exactly where the sequel is superior than the original. Nope, this is Ghostbusters two with pink slime and a bunch of individuals questioning why they wasted their cash. The Eagles went into Thursday Night Football with the weight of the betting planet on their shoulders.

Fear not, it is the Turrible Texans! It’s the Eagles! Our wallets will all fly higher! Nope. Heck, even the very first half moneyline bettors (-430) could not get any adore when the Eagles missed a field objective as the game went to the half tied at 14. But wait! Like a ShamWow infomercial it just got worse.

Breezy is feeling all of our discomfort. An offsides on a late Eagles touchdown incentivized Philly to go for two alternatively of taking the quick points, hitting the more than and reminding us all that it wasn’t just the Phillies that lost Thursday evening.

four buckets — and I’m sorry I brought up the loss once more, Philly fans.

Got any negative beats of your personal? Let me know on Twitter @jasonfitz.

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